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About Market Place by Jasons

Market Place by Jasons is a lifestyle supermarket offering value-for-money products and services. Launched in Hong Kong in 2007, we offer customers a unique combination of international and customized assortment of foods, produce and merchandise in a pleasurable, comfortable and contemporary shopping environment.
The Market Place by Jasons Experience

Market Place by Jasons believes that the world would be a better place if our days were sprinkled with a little more joy. With our diversified and quality gourmet from around the globe, we hope our customers could enjoy joyous moments while shopping with their family and friends.

We are also devoted to creating an atmosphere that encourages shoppers to discover new products and leave with excitement for trying these unplanned delights, thereby transforming a shopping trip for staple merchandise into a rewarding culinary journey. Understanding that a comfortable shopping environment and quality customer service are of paramount importance, we do our very best in creating for every shopper a grocery shopping experience that celebrates life.




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